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Blue Marble

The Blue Marble brand was created by Anthony Alvarez in Paris in 2017.

Each collection is inspired by the identity of a one of the world’s cities. The result is a bold, urban clothing brand which swings successfully between streetwear and tailoring. Each collection tells a compelling story of cultural diversity. We were seduced and we expect you will be too by the quality of the materials and the meticulous attention to detail.

Anthony Alvarez defines the Blue Marble man as an ‘urban prince’ who can effortlessly dress for different occasions, blending streetwear with sophistication. Millenials will have found their wardrobe here, but not just them.

Anthony’s passion for design is obvious in his collections. They are bursting with creativity and reflect his multiple inspirations, from far away places through to the streetwear style of skaters on your local corner.

The summer 2020 collection is inspired by both the ancient and the modern spirit of Athens and the peaks of Mt. Olympus.

As a matrix of the Western world, Athens is inseparable from the Olympic games and its symbolic rings. The blue colour palette of this range gives the silhouettes a powerful air, inspired by nautical sports and the marine wardrobe.

Anthony doesn’t shy away from the impact that the modern world has had in Athens. He evokes this in messages and printed slogans (e.g. ‘austerity’). His vision, however, is positive – the economic earthquake has broken things open, resulting in an unprecedented effervescence of culture, led by the Athenian youth.

We are happy to present this brand to you – it tells us a very contemporary story.