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  • The patch gilet

    Homecore  £176.40  

    The waistcoat is the hybrid piece par excellence that our designers particularly appreciate: you can wear it when you go to the office, as well as during your evenings with friends or your summer walks. This is the version of the Homecore brand that they present here, designed in a patchwork of upcycling fabrics, responding to environmental awareness in a positive way, reusing old fabrics to give them life through a new story.   

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Overlord, vintage through upcycling

Overlord was incepted in 2017 by Cedric Chauveau. After creating a luggage brand and opening trainer/sneaker shops, he was looking for a way to combine his passion for vintage products, travel and design.


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The symbolism of colours in fashion

Colour choice is not trivial. Like an unconscious message, each colour has a hidden meaning. Research from the Institute for Colour Research conducted in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg ahs shown that consumers need only a maximum of 90 seconds to rate a produce and that colour counts for 62 to 90% of the result.


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The history of the sweatshirt

When we talk about the sweatshirt we are also talking about comfort, sport, cosiness – everything we feel we need right now, today. What is its history in the world of fashion? We’ll give you a quick tour here.

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The colour beige is timeless and synonymous with elegance. It has a direct link with nature. We see it in its purest in natural wool for example, or fabric that has not yet been dyed or bleached. It can range from light brown, off-white through to more gray or yellow, depending on the hues. Ecru, greige, putty and sand are part of this colour family.


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