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Editions MR

This is how the brand creator – Mathieu de Ménonville defines his brand “Editions MR is above all a collective effort driven by the love of beautiful things”

He says: “I created Editions MR because I wanted to offer everyday clothes defined by their precise and careful harmony of colour, volume and material. When we get this right, it is fluid, almost nonchalant. For us, each piece has a backstory, it is linked to a desire, a purpose, a moment in life. Ours are clothes that want to be worn, that have been created in response to a demand for simplicity and realism. At Editions MR we have selected only what is essential, editing out the rest. "

There is something intrinsically French about the brand; beautiful clothes, beautiful materials - an understated elegance. The Editions MR style inspires us to sit in a comfortable chair by the pool and read Maupassant in the warm Tuscan sunset. It makes us want to take our time, but not to waste it.

The colours are soft but never bland, the cuts are supple and refined: it is this vibrant harmony that tantalises us, and with which we hope to tantalise you.

The colours for the 2019 summer collection are blues, from navy to faded, and pink – worn and masculine through to deep burgundy. Stronger colours aren’t forgotten. The tangy yellow bring energy. The oversize trousers have a floppiness that marks the nonchalant allure of this brand. The shirts are to be worn over the pants with light and reversible jackets to add in the more urban flavour.

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Photographies de François Rotger

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