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Le Mont St Michel

Get to know Le St Michel Le Mont brand through this interview we conducted with designer Alexandre Milan, who took over the brand in 1998

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Alexandre Milan, I’m the designer for the label Le Mont St Michel.
I’m a lover of workwear and knitwear. Tradition and modernity are my key inspirations.

How would you define your marque, give us a flavour of its DNA?
Think of a classic work jacket and vintage knits that you don’t find everywhere. A particular twist on modernity, with a strong dose of nostalgia.  

How was the idea for the brand born?

Le Mont St Michel workwear brand has existed since 1913. I wanted to revive this legendary label and restore it to its former nobility.

What was the base-line for you?
The best of French workwear since 1913.

Who do you design for?
For men and woman who are expressing their desires to consume less and consume better.
What was your inspiration for this collection? What story were you trying to tell?

POP WORKWEAR takes inspiration and vibe from pop culture. There are intense colours and painting directly onto the clothing. This is an urban and minimalist vision of the painter’s work and the work jacket. It’s a collision of vintage and modern with art and artists leading the way. It’s the craftsmen themselves wearing the jacket.

M COMME MARIN was a modern and poetic vision of the uniform that tomorrow’s sailor would wear. It’s inspired by our family archives and is a strong collaboration between us and Koen Delaere, Jeroen Doorenweerd and the illustrator Malika Favre.

What’s behind your choice of colours?  Our brand name and logo lead us towards natural, subtle colours. You’ll see pastels, beige, water green and sky blue in this collection.

What would be the highlight of this collection? And why?   The Work Jacket of course. We have been making it for over 100 years and it has never been so modern. It is effortlessly good looking without shouting about it, not too fashion conscious, not too young, not too classic.

Tell us about your choice of materials? We choose fine materials that can withstand the passage of time. The fabric for the Work Jacket is a good example, but so is our choice of cotton, viscose and extra fine merino wool. This season, we’re particularly interested in organic and recycled materials.

Where is your production centred? The majority of our pieces are made in France and in selected workshops in Europe. We often use family businesses and train our partners so that we are sharing our century-old knowledge.

Does this collection have a message to share?  It is a tribute to the French style, infused with modern urban and pop inspiration.

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Crédits : Le Mont St Michel instagram