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The trenchcoat

The trenchcoat made a big mark during Fashion Week this year, appearing in several men’s collections (Burberry, Dior, Acne, Junya Watanabe). Do you know its history? We can tell you a little about its origins, the role its played in the different wardrobes of fashion over time and finally how it features in the trends of today

Some history : Trenchcoats have their origin, pre-WWI, in the military. The beginning of this iconic trend was Thomas Burberry’s hardwearing, Army Officer’s raincoat developed for the army over 130 years ago. The original inspiration were the twill jackets worn by English Officers. The coat was reused during WWII but the length was shortened for practical reasons. The trenchcoat was born.

In the 1960s, the trench appeared in the wardrobe of the general public. Its appearance in cinema and television increased its popularity. We know this coat as the hallmark of a great detective – Derrick or Columbo, but also from the Doctor Who series and more recently in the Matrix. Step by step the coat has marched through time from its important, functional beginnings, to claim a place in the global fashion dictionary.

Today, the trenchcoat is a stable garment in both men and women’s fashion. The contemporary version has a streetwear style, thanks in particular to Riccardo Tisci, Burberry’s new artistic director. The coat has been claimed by the people. The original, more classic version still has its rightful place and Hedi Slimane, Alexander McQueen and even Celine feature it in their collections.

The trenchcoat can be worn in an infinite number of ways, assembling a range of styles. At, we offer it in the pure, classic style, a simple overcoat version, an oversize version, a 3 in 1 combination…

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Article Solène Derniaux

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