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Overlord, vintage through upcycling

Overlord was incepted in 2017 by Cedric Chauveau. After creating a luggage brand and opening trainer/sneaker shops, he was looking for a way to combine his passion for vintage products, travel and design.

Overlord’s approach to vintage is to revive clothes that have been worn before, those that have been worked in by soldiers, farmers and carpenters. This is authenticity by definition, and the brand is a deeply original and creative way to respect the heritage of the garments and to tread gently in today’s environment.

The reworks are faithful to the history of each piece, bringing a modern and asserted character to each. This makes for timeless pieces, deeply rooted in the garment’s history; its era and style.

Overlord has a principled approach to design and manufacturing, focusing on five core areas:

Fight against waste

Each year, millions of tonnes of clothes are thrown away or incinerated, when 85% of it could be recycled. To stand apart from behaviours that cause enormous damage to the environment, Overlord practices alternatives to the usual linear system of production, use and destruction. In this, they speak directly to consumers who see the association between design and respect for the Earth.

Fight against standardisation 

The brand dissociates itself from the grips of ‘mass fashion’. Nowadays, we can find the same clothes in the same stores all around the world. Rather than accept that style is absolute, Overlord think differently. They believe fashion should reflect the uniqueness of each individual. They also believe that each individual should have access to quality, personalised clothing, without harming their budget or the planet.

Guaranteed quality sourcing

The secret to authenticity is in the sourcing of the original garments. Overlord’s sources of clothing are huge second-hand clothing warehouses in both Asia and France. Garments are filtered piece by piece, to find quality, work and military inspired clothing, often made in the US, France, Germany or Italy.

The upcycling model

Upcycling is the core of the brand model. It allows vintage clothing and materials to be reused and transformed into original, high-quality pieces, produced in small batch series. The ranges they offer are either entirely based on vintage garments, or are new clothes enhanced by recovered materials. The sashiko technique – reinforced stitching to increase strength and durability – is borrowed from Japanese peasants and factory workers who used it to resurrect their old garments, giving them a second, vibrant life.

Ethical products 

Overlord collaborates with a partner organisation to the Universal Foundation for Persons with Disability. The brand’s FULL VINTAGE ranges are made in Thailand, in workshops that aim to fully integrate people with disabilities into the economy.

For the REWORK range (which mixes the old and the new), Overlord works locally with French workshops. are pleased to present Overlord, with whom we share strong values.


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