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Successful layering

Successful layering 

Layering is a big style trend and the secret to doing it well is to wear several layers of clothing and ensure that all of them are visible. It’s an obvious response to cold weather, but its more considered than that. We take our coats, jackets, shirts, sweaters and we deliberately stack them over one another.

The following four rules ensure that you’ll achieve a balanced result when layering with your wardrobe :

1. Control volumes and lengths

The basis of layering is to superimpose clothes that have different lengths, in different materials, colours or textures. This creates a spirit of volume. The rules relate to the size of your frame. Tall and you can layer longer pieces, such as a parka under a coat. Slim bodies look good when layering with down jackets which gives volume to the silhouette. Smaller frames can superimpose short coats over jackets.

2. Respect harmony of colours

Layering isn’t just about piling on more and more clothing. To avoid appearing theatrical and respect the urban essence of this look, follow some basic colour rules. Choose similar colours or shades that complement one another. For example, start with a neutral palette (grey, beige, khaki or even black) and consider adding in one further feature colour in different shades. Stronger colours can be striking too, but they need to work with one another. We like persimmon (a red-orange) with mustard yellow, for example.

3. Mix light and heavy materials

We need to avoid weighing down our silhouette when we wear layers. To achieve this, think about mixing textures and weights of fabrics. Avoid superimposing thick fabrics on one another, e.g. wool. A successful layering might be, for example, a heavy cloth coat over a fine parka in a modern technical fabric. The winning formula is diversity of materials.

4. Mix the prints

This can be the most difficult step, but we find overlaying solid colours onto prints to be the least risky approach. Different prints can be worn together, but this requires a strong mastery of the colour wheel and a good eye for choosing patterns that lie well together. We favour a strong print alongside a more subtle one to maintain a balance.

We challenge you to dive into this trend. On you will find everything that you need to make your own interpretation of layering and we hope you are inspired by the examples that we’ve pulled together.


photo 1 / 2 / 3 : drimi

photo 4 : Alexander Mc Queen

photo 5 : Theory

photo 6 : Alessandro Lucioni pour Kenzo

photo 7: Salvatore Dragone pour Sacai