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Royal Mer

The marine trend remains timeless so it’s a sure bet for your wardrobe. Royal Mer is an iconic brand exemplified through its history, its values and its knowhow.

For more than 70 years, Royal Mer has been located in Loire Atlantique. They perpetuate the tradition of marine inspired French knitwear, respecting the trend’s demands and knowhow. The brand offers a line of high-end clothing thanks to their careful selection of yarns, a mastery of knitting and stamp of French authenticity.

At the end of 2015, the brand was given a new breath of life by Xavier Lépine and Hervé Coulombel. They introduced further trends alongside the classic marine sweater, bringing a chic and refined style with a focus on comfort and on preserving the historic savoir faire. These are the values that have underpinned the brand for 70 years, and they work alongside the bright, individual talents of the company allowing a modern interpretation within a co-creating system to make these articles of exception.

Every garment begins with a thread, and there are thousands of them. The resulting mesh is a field of creativity and infinite possibilities. Production is a strongly collaborative effort. Qualified technicians interpret the careful choice of thread and stitch and the constant conversation is facilitated by situating the creative office in the heart of the knitting workshop.

Royal Mer’s exquisite curiosity and their deep concern for quality have won us over. Come and find out more here.

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