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Homecore, fashion full of meaning

At its heart, Homecore is the story of commitment and perseverance of the brand’s creator Alexandre Guarneri. At the age of 15, he discovered hip-hop and was taken in by the values of this movement. Respect, discipline and reaching beyond the self are artfully communicated through music, dance and graffiti. Alexandre’s initial voyage through dance and tagging would be the first of his steps towards the creation of a fashion brand. His clothing creations embody the physical identity of hip-hop and his screen-printed T-shirts offer enthusiasts the opportunity to claim their membership. He is a pioneer of a French version of the hip-hop movement.

Alexandre and his friend Steph Cop launched the Homecore brand in 1992 after first importing clothing from the USA. Their vision was to offer a personalised version of ‘street wear’, one which reinterpreted the American standards with a more elegant and refined silhouette. It worked. In 2000, a Homecore jacket - a successful mix between a tailored fleece blazer, a bourgeois jacket and a work coat - cemented the brand’s identity and symbolised a new direction. It was a success and although that time was also marked by some internal business challenges, Alexandre didn’t give up. He retook the reins of his brand in his hands, remaining loyal to the original values of the hip-hop movement. He is committed to harmony with oneself, to avoiding extremes and to exchanging with others and is mindful not to chase the latest trends. Instead, his collections that are in unity with the human body, its movements, its structure and its constraints.

What we like about Homecore:

We are touched by Alexandre’s approach and we want to share it with you. First and foremost, these are well made, elegant clothes on the outside, with light volumes, beautiful materials and hidden details. Essential though, is the internal beauty, the hidden individuality of each piece, which holds up a mirror to our own individual inner self. The details of the multi-material and multi-coloured linings are not just clever devices. They are a bold and timeless way of expressing inner harmony and the love for the other, whilst defying seasonal trends.

Alexandre has also impressed us with his understanding of the impact of fashion on the planet. Homecore cares about using clean, recycled materials and the brand practices upcycling, doing new things with old (link to article)

We are delighted to present the Homecore brand ici

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