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The colour beige is timeless and synonymous with elegance.

It has a direct link with nature.

We see it in its purest in natural wool for example, or fabric that has not yet been dyed or bleached. It can range from light brown, off-white through to more gray or yellow, depending on the hues. Ecru, greige, putty and sand are part of this colour family.

Those of us who like a more muted fashion, readily choose this warm colour as a replacement for white. For us it symbolises clam, serenity, simplicity and harmony. Beige is often selected as the colour of uniforms, allowing a blending into crowds, a camouflage, the card of discretion.

In Feng Shui, beige is a Yin colour representing stability, conservatism and a lack of creativity. Naturally it conveys a serene and relaxed message. In decorating, it brings warmth and elegance to rooms. Synonymous with simplicity and refinement, beige adapts to all trends, whether classic or modern and can be used without reserve in any outfit.

Beige and its colour combinations

Beige goes well with almost any other colours. It’s a sure bet to mix beige with white or with natural hues, such as camel or brown, to create an elegant and harmonious look. We find it also enhances the bolder colours, rather than dulls them. To use a well-worn expression, beige is this year’s black, an essential colour that you will wear in all circumstances and combinations.

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Credits :  DR